Ramblings: where should we buy our books?

Ramblings: where should we buy our books?

This is the first post I’ve done that isn’t a review or about particular books and it’s about a topic that I’m currently struggling with: where should we buy our books?

This post was inspired by this tweet that I saw recently:


This absolutely broke my heart and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days afterward.

I’m always buying books, but I will admit I rarely buy them from independent/local bookshops. I’m a frequent Amazon customer and I do love a charity shop book bargain but after seeing this tweet I have made myself a promise that I will make sure I more of my books from independent/local bookshops from now on.

I love nothing more than getting lost in a bookshop for an hour or two and if these amazing places started disappearing, I know I would definitely miss them. Shopping online for a book will never give you the same magical feeling that walking into a cute bookshop does.

I do love buying books from charity shops though as the money does go towards helping people and amazing organisations there’s something lovely about a pre-owned book. I know some people are put off by a book if it’s not new, but I like that someone else has read it and that the book has a story of its own. I recently bought a copy of I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith from a charity shop which had this on the inside and the cover:


How perfect is this? I had never heard of World Book Night before this and I think it’s a lovely idea. This book had a life before I bought it. It has a unique story and someone else has enjoyed reading this and passed it on. This really made my heart feel full.

I’d be really interested to know what are your thoughts on where we should buy books? Do you ever feel bad buying from Amazon and not supporting independent bookshops?                                                                                  

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

17 thoughts on “Ramblings: where should we buy our books?

  1. That was a very nice gesture out of you!
    Thanks for this ❤
    I prefer to support the local bookstore too which is run by an old lady that I am a friend with, but the books that they have are limited and sometimes expensive. If I can buy there books I do but If I need a book they don't have I use bookdepository!

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  2. I really liked this post! I used to shop at this cute local bookstore by my house, but they had to close down because they weren’t making enough money. It made me so sad. I usually shop at Barnes & Noble now, and while I love that place, it’s not the same as supporting a local bookstore. Thanks for bringing this topic to attention!

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    1. This is why this tweet really made me think because people can sometimes take these local bookshops for granted until they’re gone and I don’t want to see that happen to any near me so I’ll definitely try and support them more! Thanks for reading 😊

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  3. I’m really lucky that I live so close to nyc because I get to support LOADS of independent book shops. There’s really nothing like wandering around the city and popping into different small shops…you’re right when you say there’s a magic in it. I try my hardest to rarely buy from online or even huge chains like barnes and noble. Partly because there are other places that would appreciate my money loads more and partly because it’s not as fun. I only really buy my school books online because I need specific editions and usually need them on short notice.

    Honestly though, before reading your post I’ve never actually thought about why I buy from the places I do.

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    1. That sounds perfect! I’m from England but I have family who live just outside of NYC and in all the times I’ve been to visit them I’ve never once gone into any book shops so I’ll definitely have to spend an afternoon wandering from shop to shop next time I visit😊
      I definitely agree with you and think I need to try harder to find more independent bookshops to support nearby 😊

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  4. I typically buy all my new releases from local bookstores. I used to buy from Amazon but when I sat back to think about how they were a huge corporation that deals in many different things and has a lot of money, vs. the independent brick-and-mortar stores in my city that are staffed with book-lovers just like me, I decided to pay the extra few dollars to help them with rent. I’m lucky that I am in a place where I can spend the extra bit of money and it doesn’t affect how much I eat or if I’ll be short on rent, etc. So it’s a privileged way to live, I know.

    If it’s an older book, I buy from secondhand shops (also in town). I wrote a post a few months ago about how I get my books that might be of interest, maybe? I don’t want to repost my entire blog here 🙂

    All that said, I hope that bookstore gets more business! It’s so sad to see a book shop struggle 😦

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    1. Yeah I think I’m at that point as well where I can afford to be spending a little bit extra and supporting real people and independent businesses so I’m definitely going to try and start doing that more.
      I’d love to read it! Have you got a link?
      I know! They got a really positive response from the tweet with people ordering books in and visiting the store so hopefully that’s helped them out 😊

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  5. I usually buy my books from charity shops, but if I’m looking for a new release, I’ll buy from an independent bookshop. As much as I love Waterstones for their loyalty card (10 stamps for a free book? count me in!!), I still prefer indies 🙂

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  6. I usually borrow from the library, buy from Waterstones or second-hand bookshops (the latter when I need a cheaper alternative). How Amazon treats publishers and authors is atrocious, they don’t profit from working with Amazon but they don’t have a choice but to do so because of a decline in buying from bookstores. I don’t shop at Amazon and don’t foresee myself buying from them unless they change their practices.


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